About the Brand

01 Our Brand Philosophy

The CA Arts & Recreation Board

The board was founded in 2021 to make the world of art & design accessible for everyone. We believe that the things we surround ourselves with can influence the way we navigate everyday life. It can inspire us to re-think about what matters most, pursue the things that fire us up & foster the deeper connections.

We think that everyone deserves to have access to the opportunity that comes from a life of creative freedom. Our mission is to make design accessible to everyone so we can all enjoy the privilege of having art inspire our everyday.

02 Our Production Philosophy

California Minimalism

We believe that we can release creative design from unattainable prices and unsustainable production by creating less but better. We can have well-made, well-designed garments without sacrificing accessibility and sustainability.

West Coast Minimalism

Capturing the laid-back, effortless cool of California in everyday sportswear. Inspired by the past, made for living in the present. The result is a new era of American sportswear defined by understated simplicity that endures season after season.

Modular Minimalism

We believe that the simplest things are often the most complex. We take the time to re-imagine one piece at a time, creating less but better modular staples: timeless design of uncompromising quality. By avoiding multi-piece collections and seasonal fashion calendars, we minimize excess inventory and trend-based waste.

Sustainable Minimalism

We are critical with our textile choices, favouring natural and biodegradable materials over micro-plastic blends. From the lining to the exteriors, we find creative ways to use and reuse fabrics and scraps. Our goal is to transition to 100% organic certified cotton and plant-based vegan leathers by 2025.

03 Founder Notes

With Gratitude.

I always felt that the world of art & design was reserved for the upper class. In menswear, elevated design was a luxury. Yet creativity in our everyday can inspire us to put ourselves out there and go after the things that fire us up.

I created the board with a mission to elevate everyday objects accessibly so that we can all enjoy the creativity that comes from good design. I believe that we should all have access to the things that allow us to live more creatively and foster the personal passions & connections that really matter.

With a full heart,

You can always reach me directly.

1% of profits are donated to the LA food bank to bring every family
together over the comfort of food. For those who have the privilege of
consuming creative products, to support those who are just trying
to get by. In hope that one day, we can all enjoy the luxury of
having art inspire our everyday.

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